Employers' Questions...

How to change a Company Name on the Job Ad?

You can change your company name by sending an email to us. Include your old and new Company names, your name, your username and your details will be updated in the system and any jobs listed within 48 – 72 hours.

How to update the Company Details?

You can edit the following in Company Settings

  • Company Profile (some will not be editable and you can contact us if you need such to be changed)
  • Billing Contact (restrict other users to invoice only)

You can edit the following in Company Preferences

  • Application Method
  • Application Response Preferences
  • Admins can set Company User Restricted Settings here
  • If some information are missing during the checkout flow, you will be guided to an ‘Update Account’ page that will prompt you to complete information before completing current activity

How to save a Job Ad for Future Use?

At the ad creation, you can check the box ‘Save Job to Dashboard’. All information related to the advertisement will be saved for future use and can be edited any time.

Editing a saved job advert will not affect the original saved job and you will be able to create a new version of the selected job at the end of the ad process.

What should I know when Creating and managing User Accounts?

Only administrators can create or edit users. Contact us if you need further assistance

Creating a user
  • Click the ‘Create User’ button and choose a user role, enter the email address, unique username and the names
  • Click the ‘Save’ button and the user will receive an email with instructions to setup an account
Editing a user
  • Simply select the user from the list on the Users page and click on the Actions Menu next to their name. Here you can view, edit, disable, reset password or reset secret question for that user
Types of User Roles
1. Administrator
  • Purchase and use hiring Options
  • Create, modify and delete users
  • Administer Company Preferences
  • Require use of Hiring Library Options
  • View, modify and delete user Options
  • View Individual and company level reports
2. Super User
  • Purchase and use hiring options
  • View, modify and delete users
  • View Individual and company level reports
3. Standard User
  • Purchase and use hiring options
  • View personal and public options
  • View personal options
4. Hiring Manager
  • Purchase and use hiring options
  • View, rate and add personal notes to candidate folders

Where is my job advertised?

Your ad will be featured on redcherries.lk.

Is there a limit to how many candidates I can receive?

No. The sky is the limit. There is no limit to how many candidates can apply to your job over the duration of the ad.

How soon will I start receiving resumes?

Your job ad will be live within an hour, and you will receive resumes from applicants as soon as you get them.

How long will it take to post my job?

Our simple job posting form should only take a few minutes to complete. You will need to include your job's title, location, description and the email address where you want to have applications sent.

How can I post jobs outside Sri Lanka?

You can post international job ads on our standard job ad page. Just select "International" in the ‘Start your job ad’ section.

What if I don't see the option to upload a logo?

Logos can be added to a company's entire account by Red Cherries - if you'd like to change this, please contact us.

What is a "Job Search Results" Logo?

This is a logo that appears in the search results next to the job listing. To add this, please contact us.

Job Logo Guidelines:
  • File types must be GIF, PNG or JPG
  • Logo size can be no larger than 500KB (we'll resize dimensions automatically!)
  • No copyright/trademark infringement is allowed
  • No obscene offensive content will be accepted
  • Please allow 2 to 12 hours for your logo to appear on a job ad