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General Questions

What is the Message Centre?

The Message Center is a centralized place for the letters and communication you send to candidates. You can get to your Message Center by clicking on the Envelope icon at the top-right of the screen. Any letters that you send to a candidate from the Resume Search or after saving the candidate's resume into a folder in Candidate Management are automatically included in the Message Center, and the candidates' replies are displayed here as well.


After you've sent a letter to a candidate, their replies will come to both your Message Center and your email address. These are displayed in the Inbox, and you simply open their message and write a response back - the candidate will receive your reply in their inbox.

You can mark a message as Important or Follow Up, mark as Read, or put it in the Trash.


Sent messages are listed in the Sent section. If you've sent a letter from the Resume Search or from a Candidate Management page while viewing a candidate's resume, those messages are included here. So are any other back-and-forth replies.


Messages that you have placed in Trash can still be found here.

Edit Settings

Here you can edit the settings of your Message Center. This includes how you want notification emails to arrive at your email.

What Does The Job Seeker's Status Indicate?

Status is a feature which allows users to track the status of a candidate through the hiring cycle. Users have seven standard statuses to choose from:

  • Resume Received (default for any candidate filed to a folder)
  • Resume Reviewed
  • Phone Screen
  • Interview - HR
  • Interview - Department
  • Offer
  • Hired

I was locked out of my account. Why was it? How to fix it?

If you closed your browser without logging out of your Red Cherries Candidate or Employers account, the system can sometimes assume your session is still active and will not allow you to log back in. This is a security measure to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

If you are locked out, you will either have to wait (up to one hour) until the system automatically resets your account, or instead ‘Contact Us’ and ask a Customer Service Representative to reset your account.

Note: To provide additional account security, a "time out" feature will automatically end your session if you have been inactive for an extended period of time (approx. two hours). If this occurs, you will be signed out and redirected to the Sign In page. Any unsaved activities will be lost when a "time out" occurs.

Still need help?

Are you only locked out of the Resume Search function specifically? If so, make sure you have not allowed a colleague or anyone else to log in at the same time. Log out, clear Cache and Cookies, and log back in. If the issue persists, Contact Us.

Is there a message saying your account is "Disabled?" If so, please Contact Us

Note to Advertisers

Always Preview your job Ad before completing it to see if there are any formatting issues that need to be fixed:

How do I choose a category for my job?

You can choose your job search category on the Job Ad Options screen. The Job Search Category drop-down provides a list of job categories to choose from. Each category includes 3 occupations.

Each additional category selected consumes one extra unit of job inventory.

Select the appropriate Job Search Category:

  • Click Browse List
  • Click on the category you want
  • Click the appropriate occupations (up to 3 from the selected Category)
  • Click Add
  • Click "Done" when you are finished
  • Job Search Criteria Details

Selecting a Category

Please choose the Category that is the "Best Match" for your job ad. This includes the category of "Other" if you do not find an exact match for your job ad. This will not negatively impact the candidates' ability to find your job ad as most searches are conducted on:

  • Job Title
  • Key Word
  • Location