I am thankful to Mrs. Vachira for finding me a wonderful work place. Having worked with many head hunters i personally appreciate Red Cherrie's effort from the star to the end of the recruitment process.I found a good match to fill my credentials. I wish Mrs. Vachira all the very best in her future endeavors.

Praveen Thomas

I am pleased to write this testimonial for Red Cherries Recruitment who helped me find a position ina MNC. Red Cherries Recruitment was extremely professional and understood the specifics of the job I required. The position was fit my skill set and interests.They managed to match me to a position perfect not only for my career and ambitions but also my personality.

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Red Cherries Recruitment called me every day to ensure I was kept informed and what progress they were making. Very quickly they secured me with an interview and were on hand to guide and support me through. Further interviews were subsequently arranged and as ever there was supportive throughout the whole process.

The personal touch from Red Cherries Recruitment was something that I would not expect from a recruitment agency, but they had it all. They sounded equally excited when I was offered the job, not so much that they have closed the deal, but more so that they felt they had found a good match for both the company and the candidate.

The interviewing process and handling the job seeker is really at good quality level. They really taking care of candidates well and I appreciate their communication skill. I give best recommendation for other candidates who want better opportunity in their job hunting. Best of luck for Red Cherries Recruitment!